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Moova solves the dilemma of forward-facing babywearing

Some babies need a lot of physical contact, but at the same time object to being carried inward.

One solution has been to place the baby facing forward for greater interaction with the outside world. This solution is potentially problematic for several reasons: Non-optimal leg position; poorer weight distribution; cutting off the child's visual access to the parent and overstimulation; difficult when baby falls asleep and then has to be turned inside again; inactivation of core and back muscles; inhibition of arm movements and thus spontaneous reaching for exciting objects.

Moova's adjustable panel gives your baby sufficient freedom of movement, so that you get a satisfied and spontaneously outward-facing baby in the optimal inward-facing position.

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Worried about a flat hindhead?

Up to 38% of children in Western countries are affected. However, research shows that it is possible to reduce the risk of a flat back of the head by giving your baby freedom for spontaneous physical movement and muscle activation in the neck and head region.

Perfect for our curious boy: We chose the Moova because we were looking for a carrier for our curious son where he didn't have to sit facing forward.
Easy to use! Easy baby carrier that our son loves. It's easy to put on alone, which I'm a huge fan of.
Brilliant product and personal service. Henrik is simply so committed and a really pleasant person. He is always open for a chat and advice when you reach out to Moova, which gives us so much security and peace of mind.

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